Members' Diaries and Articles
Over the years of Sceaftesige's existence, a few members have written diaries to recount their experiences with Regia Anglorum.  They have been sucked out of the previous websites and word documents, and adapted for pleasurable reading at your convenience. 


First Contact: 21st August 2011
After the long and complex process which finally had me deciding to join an Anglo-Saxon era re-enactment group, I started the process of finding a suitable one to join.  Regia Anglorum was an obvious front-runner from the start, and the local Regium was listed as Sceaftsige.  I started rummaging around the internet for information about them and after discovering that the spelling is actually Sceaftesige, I eventually chanced upon an old 20th-century web-site which looked like a long forgotten corner of the World Wide Web.  I started exploring, avoiding the long-expired adverts for companies which no longer existed, and eventually found a diary for a new member, written by a certain Alan Tidy, over a decade before.  Little did I know that, when I eventually joined, I would be requested to write the next diary of a new member by the omnipresent group leader Ketil Thorkulson.

Before I joined, I wanted to touch base with them get an impression of the group and the people within.  An e-mail to the membership officer as listed on the main Regia site went unanswered but I had found and dusted off an e-mail address on the old Sceaftesige site and thankfully, Ketil still checked that address.  Before long I was invited down to the Regia permanent site of Wychurst in Kent.

By the time I parked the car at the end of New Road, the dirt track on which Wychurst is located, I had learnt a bit more about Regia Anglorum, including seeing a few pictures of the Ealdorman of the group — a white-bearded man by the name of Kim Siddorn — and approaching the entrance to the Wychurst enclosure revealed that very man presiding over the works in the way an Ealdorman of old would have done — sitting in a chair letting everyone else do the work.

No-one was in period kit, as Ketil had previously explained, and the site looked as much like a Dark Age settlement as 1943 Stalingrad looked like a thriving bustling centre of economic activity. Regia’s equivalent of hundreds of slaves and serfs to help with the labour is 21st-century power tools and construction vehicles.  Two men were putting up steel scaffolding at the entrance and one towering individual soon approached.  He looked like a Viking, a thick black beard and a glaring look straight out of the Dark Ages.  I probably stepped back a couple of feet, but soon he was upon me and tore my hand from my arm in what actually transpired to be a friendly greeting, this was the son of Thorkul, the Sceaftesige group leader known by his authentic Dark Age name of Ketil.

The visit round Wychurst served its purpose of getting to know Ketil, Kim and a few others.  At least it did not put me off and I returned home pretty sure that this was the group I was going to join, although a decision would wait until after my summer holiday.